Sourcing found objects

Sandboxed (2017). Mixed media installation organised by Deborah Cain, with a Roller Derby performance by Roxanne Grant.
Materials: Sand, wooden box structure, small acrylic resin collage paintings on board; pile of second hand books; corroded metal pipes; messages-in-glass jars; pages from Alice in Wonderland; hourglass.

Off the Wall, Members Exhibition at the Arts and Cultural Development Council Geraldton (ACDC) Community Gallery, 9-25 February 2017. 189 Marine Terrace Geraldton WA 6530

Sandboxed: humorously plays with contained space, family, summer reading, and the arts & culture in Geraldton (city-as-place with its sand, the Indian Ocean, the wind, boats in the harbour, and people playing nicely in the sand pit).


With the power of words in mind, Edward Albee’s play The Sandbox and its absurd family dynamics, the outdoors, the exercising figure doing calisthenics (performed on 9 Feb by Roxanne Grant), Sandboxed presents ideas/questions of the healthy/unhealthy body: an individual, arts, community, or city. Reflections on Tim Winton and the happenstance of book titles found in Marine Terrace Second hand bookstores; the text-in-a-jar of Alice’s encounter with Humpty Dumpty, and their exchange on words; and, Alice’s curious relational experience of size in the extract ‘The pool of tears’; as well as an hourglass that stands for shifting sands, fluidity of time, transformations of culture, & notions of history.

Boats now ‘n then
Sub-marine Atlas

Some boats in particular:

1629 (2002)

1969 (2008)




Performance for Sandboxed by Roxanne Grant, 9.2.17, photo stills, video by Deb Cragan.






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